Rates & Shipping

Rates & Shipping2023-09-26T10:46:24-05:00

Check out rates and recommendations before packing your order and avoid any inconveniences.


Rates will vary from time to time, what is listed in this website at the time of your order will be honored. Send us your box to the following address: FCCE | 173 Spinks Road, Temple, GA 30179, USA


Don’t send loose coins2023-09-19T10:17:25-05:00

Please DO NOT send loose coins in a regular postal envelope. The automated postal equipment will tear the envelope and your coins will be lost forever. Below is our recommended method.

Use flat rate boxes2023-09-19T10:17:38-05:00

We recommend using the USPS Flat Rate Boxes for shipping your coins.
With Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the U.S. for a low Flat Rate

How to place your coins2023-09-19T10:53:35-05:00

Place your coins in a plastic sandwich or food storage bag(s).

Bag placement2023-09-19T10:53:46-05:00

The bags can be placed in the boxes surrounded with paper so that don’t rattle or slide around.

Bag sealing2023-09-19T10:53:51-05:00

We suggest you tape the bags to prevent them from breaking open during transport. Tape – Tape – Tape !!!!!

Box sealing2023-09-19T10:53:57-05:00

Seal the box with extra tape to avoid the flaps from breaking open.

Return information2023-09-19T10:54:03-05:00

Include a packing list with your return information so we can send you your $US exchange and communicate by email.

Shipping information

Address the box to:
FCCE | 173 Spinks Road, Temple, GA 30179, USA

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Feel free to contact us by phone at +1 404 823 0790, by email at fcceusallc@gmail.com or fill out our form by clicking on the right.

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